Behind the Prop

E048 - Traffic Pattern Etiquette

Episode Summary

This week we're once again joined by Pat Brown as we talk about traffic pattern etiquette, specifically at non-towered airports. Most midair collisions between GA airplanes happen close to small airports. There are no air traffic controllers aiding in separation, and the pattern can often be full of pilots of all different experience levels and abilities, in all different types of aircraft. It's not dangerous per se, but it is a phase of flight that deserves heightened awareness and vigilance. On this week's episode we go over some suggestions and best practices to help you stay sharp and stay safe in the pattern!

Episode Notes

If you've been flying long enough, you definitely have a story about a sketchy traffic pattern situation at a small non-towered airport.  Maybe you saw a student pilot do something crazy.  Maybe it was a pattern that was so full that it didn't feel safe.  Or perhaps you had a close call with an airplane that wasn't making proper radio calls.  Any way you look at it, traffic patterns at non-towered airports have the potential to be dangerous if aircraft aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing.  Hopefully this week's episode of Behind The Prop arms you with some knowledge to improve your skills in the pattern!